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Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Careers & Employment in Spring Creek

We stand behind our word. Our president, Frank Kernick, is committed to the quality of Spring Creek services. His conviction and dedication to Spring Creek have built our reputation – within the industry, with our customers and throughout the community.

Spring Creek Client Care is born out of the guiding principles that underpin everything we do in Spring Creek: our 5 Cs of Character, Connection, Community, Commitment and Care.

Character: Our Client Care program reflects our core character traits of integrity, initiative and commitment to providing meaningful service to our Spring Creek residences.

Connection: We believe in building heartfelt connections among our community. Our Client Care services allow homeowners to connect with our technicians who maintain their quality of life.

Community: By nurturing neighbourhood relationships, Spring Creek helps create a sense of safety and security that’s essential to building a strong community spirit.

Commitment: If something matters to a Spring Creek homeowner, it matters to us. With the purchase of any home in Spring Creek, owners can expect to hear from us after their initial purchase. We are committed to following up with our homeowners.

Care: At Spring Creek, we are determined to set an unbeatable standard of customer care. Our Client Care program shows our commitment to go above and beyond in every dimension of the ownership experience. Spring Creek has been able to thrive because of our dedication to caring for our customers, homeowners, community, and staff.

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