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Canmore, Alberta, Canada

HVAC 101

Want to keep that new home feel? Manage where your energy goes.

Is your home a year-round haven that offers you a retreat to cool spaces in the summer and provides a cozy embrace during the snow-filled winter?

Nevil Stow, Spring Creek’s Client Care Manager, has years of troubleshooting under his belt on the many systems that keep our neighbourhood homes running tickety-boo. He’s a ninja when it comes to home maintenance. So, what’s a homeowner’s best chance at keeping home comfortable and operating efficiently? He says staying on top of a few important home maintenance tasks is key.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems should be top of your list of maintenance priorities, Nevil believes. Even if you’re living in a home that uses newer green technology – like the geothermal heating and cooling system in Spring Creek homes – maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated.

Just follow Nevil’s simple preventative tips to keep your whole home comfy and cozy.

Clean HVAC Filters and Coils Most Often

At least once a year, change or wash your HVAC filters, Vacuum your fan coils plus remove any dusty build-up on floor and wall vents. This is where you’ll see the greatest impact of a ‘clean’ system.

Yearly Maintenance a Must

Seasons changing? Time for maintenance! In spring or fall, plan to inspect or act on the following items:

  • treat gas fireplace issues by calling a licensed plumber
  • look for compromised window and door seals, or signs of condensation or interior window ledges
  • deep clean inside your range (don’t forget the hood filter!) and vacuum the refrigerator’s back coils
  • check all humidifiers for ‘fuzzy build-up’ from hard water deposits
  • test all smoke or carbon monoxide detectors and alarm systems

Doors are a Hidden Weapon

Save money on heating by keeping doors closed between rooms. As an example, Nevil notes a closed master bathroom door can leave your bathroom pleasantly warmer while your bedroom stays cooler – all without fiddling with your system.

Get Familiar with how your HVAC System Works

For example, a green geothermal system preforms much more gradually than a forced-air system. That means practicing patience with the slower temperature changes – whether heating or cooling. For maximum efficiency with geothermal heat, Nevil recommends keeping your home consistently between 18°C and 22°C.

“At Spring Creek, because we built the homes, we know them inside-out,” Nevil notes. “We share the same pride that our owners feel in maintaining these homes to a very high standard.”

Nevil has spent the last 12 years with Spring Creek working on our award-winning green homes in the neighbourhood. He’s performed and managed construction work throughout that time and has proudly welcomed homeowners into their new homes. He admires anyone with the DIY gift, but also loves nothing more than to help out a Spring Creek homeowner who would rather be outdoors than doing maintenance.

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