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Canmore, Alberta, Canada
The Tamarack in Spring Creek features The Beat, the new crossroads of the neighbourhood. With a water feature in summer, skating pond in winter, grocery store, and new restaurant – The Beat is sure to be the talk of the town.

Our pulse is racing, that’s how excited we are to introduce you to The Beat – the heart at the centre of the Spring Creek neighbourhood.

It has a location of prominence at a crossroads and part of The Tamarack, a luxury vacation condo and commercial development. Expect to be impressed by the summer water feature and winter skating pond, as well as the opening of exciting new businesses like Willow Grocery + Café and bridgette bar.

Canmore locals will recognize the genius and small business powerhouses behind Willow Grocery + Café – John and Belinda Spear, and James and Misty Kendal.

It all came together quite organically with John learning about the opportunity to develop a grocery store concept for space in Spring Creek and James approaching him to potentially buy his business – Le Chocolatier.

With his background in culinary tourism as a former owner of Tapas in Canmore, James immediately saw the potential for Willow. He says the mix of grocery store and café is a perfect fit for this community and the growth it has seen in food-focused travel.

John says as a grocery store, Willow will offer fresh and local products from suppliers in Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. Customers will be able to gain knowledge about the food they are buying and where it comes from.

“We are not going to be a supermarket, we are an independent grocery store selling fresh bespoke food to people who want a culinary experience,” he says. “Let’s put faces to food and let’s help local farmers and businesses get more nutritious food to the community.”

The location for Willow Grocery + Café is nothing short of phenomenal. It is in the heart and centre of the neighbourhood of Spring Creek, which sits like an island surrounded by two spring-fed creeks.

It’s sexy. It’s sophisticated. It has style and vision. It is bridgette bar and it’s also coming to The Tamarack in Spring Creek.

The Calgary-based, chef-driven bar, located on 10th Avenue downtown, is officially opening a location in Canmore in 2022. Taking a prime location in the neighourhood, it is exciting news for those who enjoy an elevated beverage and dining experience.

Visitors and locals are in store for a delight, from the eclectic décor and ambiance, devoted to a style icon – Bridgette Bardot. This temple to Bacchus will be nestled into the main village square for the entire development, with epic views of the Three Sisters from an expansive patio space with floor to ceiling windows that open into the restaurant and lounge area.

If you haven’t heard of bridgette bar before, you likely have heard of its parent company, the Concorde Entertainment Group.

Concorde dates back to 1987’s the Rebpulik – a college bar and alternative music venue that launched the group. Now, with 19 restaurants and bars across the city including Flames Central,

Model Milk and The National, it is expanding into the Bow Valley with this new venture.

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