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Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Spring Creek Client Care Brief

What is Spring Creek Client Care?

At Spring Creek, we’re committed to the quality of our residences and quality of life for our homeowners, which means our promises don’t end after the sale of a home. Alberta New Home Warranty protects homeowners against future repairs and maintenance during the stated warranty period, however, we noticed a gap for ongoing home maintenance after the expiration of the warranty period.

Often, Spring Creek staff were called to deal with problems after a homeowner’s warranty had expired. Since we built these homes, we have intimate knowledge of their inner workings, including their operating systems, how to fix issues, and trusted contractors who can provide the best service. Additionally, our Spring Creek staff and experts are some of the friendliest and most efficient responders around and have – in many cases – built a positive relationship with our Spring Creek homeowners. So naturally, we are called first.

To support this need, we created the Spring Creek Client Care to provide our neighbourhood homeowners with an extended home maintenance service beyond their original warranty commitment.
Because our Client Care team is always onsite, they have easy access to provide superior maintenance to our client’s homes. For a small fee, any Spring Creek homeowner can become part of our Client Care program and have a peace of mind that their home is well cared for.

Our Principles of Service

We stand behind our word. Our president, Frank Kernick, is committed to the quality of Spring Creek services. His conviction and dedication to Spring Creek have built our reputation – within the industry, with our customers and throughout the community.

Spring Creek Client Care is born out of the guiding principles that underpin everything we do in Spring Creek: our 5 Cs of Character, Connection, Community, Commitment and Care.

Character: Our Client Care program reflects our core character traits of integrity, initiative and commitment to providing meaningful service to our Spring Creek residences.

Connection: We believe in building heartfelt connections among our community. Our Client Care services allow homeowners to connect with our technicians who maintain their quality of life.

Community: By nurturing neighbourhood relationships, Spring Creek helps create a sense of safety and security that’s essential to building a strong community spirit.

Commitment: If something matters to a Spring Creek homeowner, it matters to us. With the purchase of any home in Spring Creek, owners can expect to hear from us after their initial purchase. We are committed to following up with our homeowners.

Care: At Spring Creek, we are determined to set an unbeatable standard of customer care. Our Client Care program shows our commitment to go above and beyond in every dimension of the ownership experience. Spring Creek has been able to thrive because of our dedication to caring for our customers, homeowners, community, and staff.

What Is Offered?

Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Client Care is available to all Spring Creek homeowners. After-hour emergencies are handled through individual Building Management contacts. (e.g.: PEKA).

Our Client Care program covers three areas of service:

  1. Spring Creek Homes Service (for homeowners only)
    With the purchase of a Spring Creek home, every new homeowner receives an onsite orientation as part of their welcome walk-though. Our free orientation includes a training overview of their home’s unique mechanical system. For additional mechanical or consulting services (see also warranty information below), some costs may apply. This includes seasonal or yearly mechanical inspection and servicing, vacant home checks (TBC), renovation or service project management, consulting services or advising homeowners on outside services or contracted agencies.
  2. Spring Creek New Home Warranty (for homeowners only)
    During the new home warranty period, Spring Creek residents can refer to the Client Care team as their primary contact for home maintenance services. Our New Home Warranty service also includes deficiency checks and repairs. Homeowners are encouraged to review their contracts regarding various warranty periods for appliances, finishings, delivery systems, as well as building exteriors and structures.
  3. Spring Creek Property Asset Management (for anyone)
    Our Property Asset Management is not limited to Spring Creek homeowners. This fee-for-service is available to anyone in need of the following services:
  • Liaison plus weekly or scheduled inspections for (or with) building property manager (e.g. PEKA)
  • Oversee major mechanical projects and renovations for a building manager (e.g. PEKA), Condo Board, individual homeowners, or Spring Creek owner
  • Project Manager to oversee or provide consulting advice for condo boards, building management, etc.
  • Consultant advisory role with outside contractors
  • Quality Control Supervisor responsible for the final detailing, quality control of the final product for new home possessions for tasks such as (but not limited to):
    • Appliance placement and installations
    • Cabinetry final checks
    • Contractor inspections
    • Final caulking and wood repairs or touch-ups
    • Scratch, dings and dent repairs: inspection and fixing
    • Testing for all major mechanical and appliances
    • Cleaning services
    • Inspection for missing items
    • Correcting imperfections.

Scheduling Home Maintenance

Spring Creek Client Care staff are dedicated and work relentlessly to ensure our homeowners are comfortable, but high demand can result in delays. For emergencies, we aim to arrive quickly, but for routine maintenance and inspections – such as seasonal check-ups – your booking will be scheduled 2 or 3 weeks after your initial call.

Contact Spring Creek Client Care

Our Client Care team is available Monday through Friday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. For after-hour emergencies, call the individual Building Management (e.g. PEKA).

Nevil Stow, Manager, Client Care

Why Is Regular Maintenance Important?

To bring comfort to your home, several mechanical systems are essential to creating an optimal living environment. Regular home maintenance ensures all home systems and appliances are operating effectively and efficiently. Regular preventative maintenance not only saves operating costs in the long run, it also protects your home investment. Additionally, if a home system or appliance fails because of lack of maintenance, it may result in a void the manufacturer’s warranty. To protect your home consider the following recommendations from the Spring Creek Client Care team.

We recommend the following systems receive annual maintenance or inspection:

  • HVAC systems
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Fireplaces
  • Smoke detectors

Recommended Maintenance By Homeowners:

As a homeowner, there are several simple maintenance tasks that you can complete to ensure the longevity of your home. Simple cleaning tasks, such as keeping filters and vents dust-free can make a huge difference in the efficiency and cost of your utilities.

Bi-annual Maintenance Tasks (recommended in early spring and pre-fall):

  • Change/wash HVAC filters
  • Vacuum HVAC fan coils
  • Vacuum dust build-up on vents
  • Check humidifiers and trays for build-up from hard water deposits
  • If you spot a water leak, contact our Client Care team immediately.

Annual Maintenance

  • Visual check of windows and doors seals
  • Check the inside of window ledges for condensation or watermarks
  • Clean the insides of oven and ranges (including the hood filter)
  • Vacuum the refrigerator’s back coils can help keep appliances running more efficiently.

Homeowners are responsible upkeep of their in-home systems and contact our Client Care team to schedule their home’s regular maintenance tasks.

Maintenance for Homes with Green Technology

Several of Spring Creek buildings have been awarded BUILT GREEN® certification due to the environmentally friendly building process and use of green technology. One major green initiative in Spring Creek homes is the use of a geothermal system (also referred to as HVAC). Geothermal systems rely on solar and water energy stored in the ground for heating and cooling. Our Client Care staff will give new homeowners a thorough introduction during the welcome walk-through, but we encourage homeowners to educate themselves on green energy systems through their home’s manual or consulting online resources. Because geothermal design is different from traditional forced-air and natural gas systems, our Client Care Manager recommends these tips for geothermal HVAC systems:

  • For maximize efficiency keep geothermal homes between 18°C and 22°C
  • Be patient with temperature changes in your home. A geothermal system is more gradual with heating or cooling than a forced-air systems
  • Close doors between rooms to ‘trap’ heat in smaller spaces
  • Plan annual maintenance with emphasis on keeping filters and fan coils free of dust and dirt

With geothermal technology, Spring Creek saves 600 tonnes of greenhouse gases annually. That’s equivalent to removing 127 passenger vehicles off the road for one year! Our BUILT GREEN® certification is our environmental commitment being easier on the planet and saving money for our homeowners.

Please contact us for more information.

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